General Info

What clients do you represent?

We represent a range of national and international non-profit organisations.

How do you promote clients?

As a direct advertising company, we offer personalised face to face sales presentations at events and retail settings depending on client requirements.

What training do you provide?

With over 16 years experience training new recruits, many with no previous sales experience, we have every confidence that within 4 weeks, we can help people achieve 80% productivity of an experienced sales leader.

Here's how!

All our new people receive 2 days of initial training and coaching. This involves specific client product training, industry compliance and sales coaching, conducted either directly by the client or from an accredited member of staff. 
Everyone must complete an online test to prove their basic knowledge of legal regulations and compliance before commencing work on behalf of the clients. This is prior to shadowing and working with an experienced sales leader for the first 4 weeks.

We also provide daily sales coaching and skills sharing meetings. Regular refresher training days and workshops are scheduled by clients to keep our product knowledge up to date.

We pride ourselves on having a positive, supportive and encouraging learning environment where knowledge is shared and success is recognised and rewarded.